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‘Homesick’ - Phil Simmonds | Review

New from the British Producer/Songwriter Phil Simmonds' "The Homesick EP”.

The first song from Phil Simmonds' "Homesick EP". "Homesick" is a song about missing home and being unable to goodbye to that place due to life circumstances. The track is slow-burning, open, and heartfelt. I love the conversational tone of this first track. The electronic elements are not overpowering at all and it is a beautiful and atmospheric piece.

British born Songwriter/Producer Phil Simmonds’ career began in his late teens as a touring musician and later Musical Director with artists such as Jessie J, Conrad Sewell, Angel Haze, Zak Abel, Rae Morris, Leona Lewis. Before finding his lane working with like-minded artists in the studio.

Moving to Los Angeles from London in early 2016 Phil has produced for an array of different artists with full projects such as Eryn Allen Kane’s “A Tree Planted By Water”, TriOrca’s debut album “Missing”. Other notable records include Sophia Bastian “Blind Ambition”, William “Blindside”, SKYLR “Don’t Sleep”, Stan Taylor “Confessions”.

Up and coming releases include Lily Papas (Universal Australia), TriOrca, Sugi Dakks, Tavia, Harry Mack, Prince Fox. He’s currently working on albums for Clare Maguire and Little Dume (UMG/Burnett Music Group).

In 2019 alone Phil has had music featured on award-winning TV shows such as Shameless (Showtime), Good Trouble (Free Form), All American (CW). His ability to write top-line, Produce and as a multi-instrumentalist has made him invaluable in many projects. With various music projects of his own including the “Saint Arc” concept records. Phil’s new EP “The Homesick EP” is due for release on November 8th. The title track “Homesick” Is out now.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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