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"Homesick" - Emma Sameth

"Homesick" is the followup single to my alternative r&b tracks "Spin With You ft. Jeremy Zucker" and "Long Way Home". It's a song that's my excuse for finally indulging in the nostalgic and dangerously comfortable pillows of the past. Growing up in LA, I find myself feeling both lucky to be familiar with this creative city and dying for a change of scenery, which leads me to travel alot to scratch that itch. This song grows from that "grass is greener" mentality.

Emma Sameth's latest release "Spin With You ft. Jeremy Zucker", released through Parametric, an imprint of APG/Atlantic Records, found its way onto Spotify playlists "It's A Hit", "Chill Hits" and 28 "New Music Friday" playlists, as well as Apple Music's "Best Of The Week". She continues to shift her focus towards a left-of-center Pop and R&B sound with light electronic production.

Published through Ultra Music, Emma is an independent singer/songwriter who first found success as a writer and featured-vocalist in the electronic music world, with releases off platforms including Spinnin’ Records and San Holo’s bitbird. Her shared single 2 AM peaked at #7 on Spotify’s US Viral Charts, reached #1 on Hype Machine, and was featured in TNT’s Good Behavior, Season 2.

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