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“Hideous” - mehro | Review

Los Angeles artist mehro breaks down walls with his introspective track “Hideous”.

The second release from this artists showcasing gorgeous vocals over a beautiful arrangement. He crafts deep, intricate indie, for reference landing to me somewhere in the land between WHITNEY and Tobias Jesso Jr. This track will pull on your heartstrings. I think everyone has had a moment where they feel like they just are not good enough for someone in their life. If anything this track shows that through vulnerability and acknowledgment of that hurt, there can be healing. Sometimes the thing that can make or break you is communication and understanding of where the other person is coming from. In the quiet, there is room for so many questions. “Can’t you talk to me, do I really mean nothing to you” sometimes communication needs to be refined to create something beautiful and I think this beautiful singer-songwriter track captures the feelings behind lack of communication.

Speaking on the track, mehro states:

"When I wrote this song I was in dark place. When I closed my eyes, my thoughts were ones of self-hatred, when I looked in the mirror I saw a monster."

Having racked up over 3 million streams on his debut offering Perfume, LA based newcomer mehro today releases his hotly anticipated second cut, Hideous. A hauntingly beautiful alternative track showcasing mehro's beguiling vocal over plucked guitar strings, Hideous sees the hotly tipped artist lament the loss of a relationship over a chorus that will remain with you long after first listen.

In a world dominated by social media, mehro captured attention with only the power of his voice, the depth of songwriting and strength of his musicianship. Recalling greats like Jeff Buckley and Conor Oberst, all signs point to mehro having a huge year.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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