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"Here You Are, Again" - Emilia Tarrant | Review

"Here You Are, Again" is a stunning singer song writer track from Emilia Tarrant.

When I listen to music I am often running around or multitasking, I feel like a lot of people are like this. When this song played I had to stop, you could hear a pin drop on my carpet - that is how much space I let this song resonate in.

Emilia Tarrant has this beautiful quality to her voice. There is this fullness that still breathes the vulnerability of the love song she delivers. There’s this well-known phrase “mature beyond their years” and it’s one that could easily be applied to singer-songwriter Emilia Tarrant who possesses a certain old soul quality. Yet, you could also argue that her music is a reflection of the turbulence, uncertainty and excitement of being 19-years-old. I think the youthfulness in her storytelling enhances the emotions shared. The acknowledgment of nativity and the beauty of understanding the depth of the story and experience is so powerful, especially from a young artist.

For many, this time in their lives is when they’ll first encounter serious romance and heartache, something that the Wincester-based artist explored in her last single ‘Honeymoon Phase’, which was credited by the likes of Wonderland, Mahogany, CLOUT, POPMUZIK, The Music Enthusiast, Up Next Sessions and more. This new release ‘Here You Are, Again’ however, is an even more personal and vulnerable offering from Tarrant, which was written during the second UK lockdown. We know that it threw up all manner of mental, emotional and physical challenges for everyone, including teenagers and young adults.

"‘Here You Are, Again’ is a song brought on from the drop of my mental state after just entering the second lockdown of last year. After experiencing this collapse in emotion multiple times (one day feeling content, and the next, real sadness) I realised that mental health comes and goes as it pleases. It’s really tiring, and something I had hoped wouldn’t last forever, hence the lyric: ‘maybe I was a lil naive to believe that it would be that easy’. Whether it is mental health, a complicated relationship, or the recent ups and downs of the pandemic, I feel the song is relatable to anyone who struggles with the repetitive nature of life.” - Emilia Tarrant

Emilia Tarrant is a 19-year-old singer songwriter from Winchester, who started playing the piano at the age of 12 and has been writing songs ever since. She says: ‘songwriting is like writing a diary for me; each song comes from the heart and is a way for me to escape the daily stresses of life’.

Her early influences were formed from listening to her parent’s music collection around the house, playlists including Coldplay, Doves, Kings of Leon, Foals, Moby & Jack Johnson. Emilia says, ‘It was Moby who inspired me to pursue music production when in education. Having recently completed her music and media courses, Emilia is now focusing on her music career and has recently been co-writing with other artists & songwriters, including James Walsh from Starsailor, Joshua "Joe" Keogh from Amber Run and Jonathan Quarmby (Tom Walker, Lewis Capaldi).

Emilia was booked for canceled Glastonbury 2020, Jade Bird support for International Women's Day 2020 Soho House event, played at The Houses Of Parliament for UK Music (the only performer invited) CIC Industry awards, The Ned, Groucho, White City House and will be playing a London showcase as soon as allowed.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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