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“Here With You” - Petticoat | Review

Be transported back to the world of 80s synth-pop with the newest single from Petticoat.

“Here With You” is going to be a hit with all the fans of The 1975, LANY, Valley, and COIN. This track dives headfirst into nostalgia and the feeling of being lovesick. Petticoat leans heavily into the cliches of retro synth-pop but you can’t help but to groove along. San Franciscan artists tend to have this infectious quality about them - Ieuan and Sumif are clear Unheard Gems examples. The emotional depth of singing about relationships and heartbreak yet the reflection of the local surge electro dance music. It makes me feel like I am right back inside the Rickshaw Stop.

This track is absolute perfection for the winter months creeping in. The cool weather matches the aesthetic of this track. Just imagine dancing in the snow to this shimmering synth track!

San Francisco-based artist and producer Petticoat (née David Halsey) shares his latest single “Here With You” off of his forthcoming sophomore EP, “Tumbleweed”. With shimmering synths, delicate atmospheres, introspective lyricism, and memorable melodies--all glossed in an '80s sheen--"Here With You" is as infectious as it is sonically advanced. He notes on the song: “Here With You” is an anthemic song on the duality of interpersonal relationships. It's about a period in my life when I was with someone I deeply cared for, but I saw the worst of myself reflected in the day-to-day life with them. My jealousy, envy, and insecurity were almost like an intermediate third in the relationship. The narrative is addressing the other person — telling them that I’m battling my own expectations, but I’m still happy you’re here with me.”

Synthesizing elements from 80’s new wave and experimental club music, Petticoat is the moniker of 25-year-old artist, songwriter, and producer David Halsey. The SF-based multi-hyphenate grew up in the coastal hills of San Rafael, California, where his earliest exposure to music came in the form of the Bay Area’s eclectic hip-hop scene and the trove of pop records his parents had cultivated. Today, Halsey crafts high-energy pop anthems from his bedroom studio, instilling unique energy into his glittering production that balances forward-thinking innovation with sentimental nostalgia. With a finely-tuned style that levels musical elements both old and new, Petticoat is ushering in the next generation of pop. “I love the music from eras that have had an eye towards futurism,” Halsey says. “Times like 2000’s R'n'B and modern club music.”

At age 25, Petticoat is building a fanbase of devoted supporters, catching the attention of budding pop icons like Slayyyter in the process. With more plans for the future, Petticoat is working to push the boundaries of contemporary music while redefining pop in his wake. When he’s not spending time polishing and perfecting his production, Petticoat enjoys listening to video game soundtracks, working with his Monomachine synthesizer, and exploring artistic self-actualization. His interests, hobbies, and early musical influences manifest within every corner of Halsey’s carefully-honed sound. On his distinctive style, he notes “it’s a reflection of my expression, identity, and views in modern music.”

Review by Hannah Schneider

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