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HELLO by Public Order |Review

Public Order’s ‘HELLO’ is an edgy, indie-rock single that leaves a lasting impression.

With a blend of heavy guitar, drums, and vocals, this piece builds as it evolves. There is a well-balanced aspect of overwhelmingly loud instrumental breaks, sandwiched between contrasting stripped-back verses and choruses. This song moves- it keeps an audience’s attention span, giving them a taste of intensity without revealing everything all at once. The volume of ‘HELLO’ is telling of Public Order’s return to the spotlight, with the single being the first song they have released since 2022.

Speaking about the new track, the band enthused, “It’s been a while, but we’re buzzing to be back with new music! The last 18 months have been a bit of a roller coaster for us, but we took some time out to work on new music and even managed to sign a new record deal. ‘HELLO’, produced by fellow Welsh residents Damon Minchella and Tom Manning, is the first track to be taken from a forthcoming EP. It’s a pulsing, guitar-driven indie banger which we love and have been champing at the bit to get out into the world.”

Coming out of South Wales as close childhood friends, Public Order has a true underdog story to tell. They spent much of their teenage years following their varying musical inclinations, before landing on roles they felt confident in. Their breakthrough debut single, ‘Feels Like Summer,’ was placed on the FIFA 2022 soundtrack, rocket-launching them into the public eye- with two million streams to their name. Shortly after this success, they were dropped from their label and had to start over. Regardless of their history, Public Order is back with all their cards on the table. If ‘HELLO’ is any indication of what they have up their sleeves, they are set for infinite success in the future.

Written By: Julia Brennan

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