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Heather Kathryn Releases "Clothes" for the People Who Collect Trinkets from Lovers Past.

“CLOTHES” is the newest release from Alt-Pop gem Heather Kathryn. Perfect for a petty Valentine’s day bop, Kathryn weaves a story of clothing collecting through a series of dates creating a “I don’t date men I just steal their clothes” anthem.

Imagine that song in the rom com where the main character speeds away from her hookups house, heels in the back seat, wearing his sweats and singing this with the windows down.

Co-written with her best friend, “Clothes” is one of the favorite songs Heather has ever written. It captures the grunge alt pop sound we have come to love but brings with it the pop girl punch of an Olivia O’Brien anthem.


I was on a journey to steal 10 pieces of clothing from different men so that I could make TikToks about it. Once I got the 10th piece my friends told me I should write a song about it. I went to my best friend with a detailed list of the men and what I took from each of them. We sat down and wrote the song in two hours and laughed a lot during the process. The album art itself features some of the actual clothing that was taken, it's like a Where's Waldo vibe. This is one of the funnest songs I've ever written and get to perform and I'm so excited for it to be released!

About Heather:

Heather Kathryn turns the truth into lyrics about love, loss and everything in between.

Born in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, Heather found herself wanting a more creative outlet than her peers. Music became her escape and with a glint in her eye she moved to Los Angeles at seventeen to pursue her career in music.

Heather strives to bring Pop-Punk back to the surface of the music industry. A blend between Paramore, Avril Lavigne and early Kelly Clarkson, she sings of her dating mishaps and the general fast paced life of an early 20-something in Los Angeles.

With many shows under her belt at venues around Los Angeles such as The Goodnite, 420 Night market, The Viper Room & Whisky-a-go-go, Heather Kathryn is on the path to making her dreams a reality. She released three singles in 2022 and plans to release more in the beginning of 2023. Keep your eyes on Heather Kathryn, she’s ready to come at the industry with everything she’s got!

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