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“Heartless” - YVR | Review

For fans of EDM music, Heartless by YVR is a refreshing release, just in time for the spring and summer season. This single describes a relationship in which one person feels they are putting in more work in a relationship - a common theme in romantic and platonic relationships.

YVR says that “"Heartless is about being in a relationship that feels one sided. When one person begins to detach themselves in order to protect their heart."

Courtney Jenae’s, the lead singer, lightweight, soaring vocals accompany the upbeat, bubbly electronic production, arranged by the other half of YVR and her fiancé - Stephen Stahl, as she navigates this confusing situation through song. Heartless is the perfect song for those needing a musical ray of hope during difficult problems in relationships.

Can we give a round of applause for witty world play. “Baby I ain’t heartless, I just need to use my heart less”. The way the entire song is structured makes one line flow into the next in the most clever and engaging way. This will be an earworm for the spring.

Jenae and Stahl originally started songwriting as a way to keep themselves afloat financially, but then turned into a successful career. Their accomplishments include over four million albums sold, two number 1 singles on the Billboard World Album Charts, and 10 number one singles overall. Heartless will be featured on their new EP, Night Days.

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Review by Tatum Jenkins & Hannah Schneider

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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