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"Heart in Two" - Selin | Review

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Pop singer-songwriter Selin demonstrates her impressive vocal range in her new single “Heart in Two.”

With this song about the heartbreak that comes with loving someone too much, she not only conveys this searing emotion through her voice but also with her powerful lyrics. She balances the emotionally delicate and intense parts of the song, indicating the difficult nature of situations of love. Selin sets herself apart vocally with this song, coming in strong on the choruses and backing off a bit on the verses, which displays the variety of tools she uses to convey her feelings about this relationship. In a lyrical sense, she distinguishes herself as a songwriter who knows the ingredients for making a likable pop song, yet bends them in masterful ways to avoid clichés.

According to Selin "the song is not entirely about heartbreak regarding a person, it’s more towards the thing we love the most, which can be our biggest passions and goals, and how reaching them can be tough and painful, and break us, but we fight and battle for it anyway because we love it so much, and we thrive for success, even though it hurts. For me it’s music and finding “success” the journey is tough, but pushing through leads to great pleasure.

So when i say “break my heart in two” it touches on the feeling of, you know what, this is already going to hurt me, i can feel it, but i’m gonna fight for it either way”"

When giving background to this song, Selin says,“You know that feeling when you love something so much, maybe a little too much? Then it slowly starts to damage you? But because of your flaming love, you choose to let it break you regardless? That's what this song is about. When the thing you love the most breaks you, but you let it happen anyway.”

Though from Istanbul, Selin is a London artist who has been become quite successful over the past 3 years. She was the opening act for Donna Missal’s sold-out show at Courtyard Theatre and had a sold-out show at Soho’s Century Club. She has had several headlining shows and continues to grow her fanbase.

Her blistering vocals, charismatic stage presence and engaging songwriting come together to create a live show that leave you wondering how long it will before we see Selin taking to much larger stages around the world.

Written by Tatum Jenkins and Hannah Schneider

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