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"Heart For Two” - Juno Ray

"Heart For Two” is a dreamy, Afrobeat-infused single that opens with an intoxicating groove as a percussive keyboard melody lands within the tight rhythm of the kick and snare. Vocals sung by Stephen James glide effortlessly over the increasingly lush synth textures as the song builds to beautiful heights"

Juno Ray is deeply interested in experiencing emotionally surreal music. Inspired by a range of genres, the Korean born, Los Angeles based Juno Ray pulls contrasting moods from his love of artists like Daft Punk, EDX, Branko and Debussy. Tae Kim studied classical piano from an early age. This combined with his experimentally driven attitude allowed him to create a concrete balance between musical understanding and technical ability. Driven to become a force in contemporary electronic music, Kim discovered his current trajectory and interest in music technologies while studying at the renowned Berklee College of Music. He was always eager to dig back into his musical studies and compositions whenever possible. The realization of an ability to anchor a counter melody to a well-performed, predetermined vocal melody, pressed Kim into a new realm of endless compositional exercise. Add to this his belief that texture can be everything to an artist's sound, and most listeners will find the beauty in Juno Ray's loving marriage of his original analog synth sounds and his staunch compositions.

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