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"Heart Drop" - Palco x AAA+ | Review

"Heart Drop" is the sultry new electro pop track from Palco and AAA+.

The heavy bass beat is made for the perfect summer evening dance single. The two artists' vocals compliment each other with the ethereal and the more soulful. Honestly, the more heavy electro sound is just starting its comeback and I can see this single making a lot of those summer playlists.

Romantic indie-pop duet. David Turley of AAA+ and I wrote this during quarantine when America's political sphere was so challenged and heavy. The collective anxiety the world was experiencing combined with the isolation of quarantine inspired this sort of alien's eye view of it all. I found myself exploring a lot of fantasy worlds in my head, from life on another planet to romantic encounters I've never had. I realized we rely so much on our fantasy brain and our imagination to survive collective trauma, and that's the space this song was born from.

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