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“Hear Me Out” - Golda May | Review

It is a true talent to be able to stun people with your voice alone. Opera has taught us that you don’t need to understand the lyrics to fall in love with a song. “Hear Me Out” by Golda May is an indie rock song that has left me speechless.

The production adds complex and pleasing tones from hums to an ethereal ringing that add to the psychedelic atmosphere Golda May creates. Her hypnotic tone, high notes, and vocalization command your attention. She doesn’t need words to convey emotion as her lovely harmonies display a longing and pleading to be understood. Her breathy tone crescendos into powerful vocalization that evokes feelings in listeners. The creativity is astounding. Even her inhaling sharply is incorporated into the musicality of the song. This all is paired with soft guitar notes which add to the fantasy-like quality of the song. The lyrics alternate between a beautiful jumble of syllables and phrases like “listen up, hear me out.”

Golda May explains, "Sometimes you want to be heard and understood but you don't have the words yet to communicate your thoughts properly, so you're speaking in a kind of jumbled long-winded sentence with the occasional pause and worry that you're saying it all wrong. Despite the fact that you're not speaking poetically or eloquently, it's important that you're heard and you need to be heard.” She adds, “I feel this way again now, struggling to communicate my frustrations of our current government administration and its constant failure to lead effectively and thoughtfully...Now is our time to speak and to listen, and we will make sure that they hear us out."

Golda May grew up in Chicago and San Diego with her Ukrainian parents who only spoke Russian at home. She is now based in LA and has been singing since the age of five when she taught herself how to sing opera. At 22, she worked for a music manager who discovered her talent and helped her develop her sound. Now, Golda has been releasing music for four years. Her recent releases include “Wish I Was Someone Else”, “Under”, and “Dear Los Angeles.” The latter of the three was released in 2020 and has already amassed over 10,000 streams on Spotify.



Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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