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Headache by Lila Holler

‘Headache’ is a lighthearted, hypnotic, and carefree indie rock anthem. Layered with all the components of an instant classic, Lila Holler has created a masterpiece in the form of her fourth single.

Written about her first experiences living in Liverpool, England, this track pokes fun at young party culture—and it does that extremely well. With well-written lyrics, this song sparkles with youth and feels inherently nostalgic: “We’re not good / We’re not bad / We’re just young / Take the pass and roll with it.” Taking inspiration from artists like The Marias, Phoebe Bridgers, and Clairo, Lila Holler has added her unique sound to an increasingly popular style.

Based in both England and Charlotte, North Carolina, Lila’s range spans just as far as her physical location does! ‘Headache’ creates a fun and spontaneous feel, whereas some of her other pieces like ‘Be A Ghost’ harness a somber and reflective ambiance. She has also cultivated many accolades—her song July was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, and she’s a 2023 winner of the National YoungArts Competition! With countless accomplishments and an incredible sound, it is obvious that Lila has an incredible career ahead of her.

Written by: Julia Brennan

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