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“Head Start” - Drew Schueler | Review

“Head Start” by Drew Schueler is a singer-songwriter masterpiece that left me speechless. I had to pause the song because it brought back so many emotional memories for me - and that's the sign of a truly great song.

The artist begins with some elegant piano notes before entering with his breathtakingly smooth voice. The song is the epitome of heartbreak and betrayal, as the lyrics take you through the pain of someone who gave their relationship 100%, and still was left by their partner. It may sound dark, but this song is so beautiful to listen to. Schueler’s catchy vocalizing gets stuck in your head within minutes.

Drew Schueler is based in Nashville, Tennessee, the capital of country music. Despite this, he is a pop artist inspired by musicians such as Lauv, LANY, and Justin Bieber. Schueler is a true Renaissance man - he can do it all. He is a songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer all in one. Schuler wrote his entire debut EP, “New Perspective,” played every instrument, and produced and mixed the whole album. He tends to fill his songs with vibrant vocals and melodies, electro-pop synth textures, electric guitar, and programmed beats.

Written by Annika Johnson, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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