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Hayden Everett School Night Review

I don’t really know what I expected going to School Night on Monday but I left feeling touched, heartbroken and amazed, Hayden was absolutely mesmerizing.

The show started with a saxophone played by Collin McCrary who was then joined by Hayden on keys and vocals and Autumn North with beautiful backing vocals. Hayden Everett makes music that is both alt-folk and indie-pop. Most of his songs are heartbreaking but his lyrics make you feel and think and I believe that is a very important thing as a songwriter.

Hayden performed a six-song set starting with "Heaven On My Own” which is about existentialism. His second song was “Redwoods” and the harmonies on this made me want to cry, they were so stunning. His third song “Killer Whale” was a love song he wrote about his girlfriend that made everyone emotional, which he followed up with a beautiful song he wrote about his brother for the best man speech at his brother's wedding “Brothers Arms” all about the firsts he shared with his brother.

He sang “Kennnecott” the title track to his last EP and included some audience participation which really drew everyone in. “Kennecott'' tells the story of a now abandoned Alaskan mining town from the early 1900’s. The song is written from the perspective of the town, as a letter to those who failed to appreciate and protect its beauty. I think it’s safe to say that Hayden is an environmental activist through his songwriting. His last song of the night was “Neptune” a sequel to “Kennecott'' and is a song about earth telling us to go away.

Hayden Everett is an incredible singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His third EP “Silver Line” comes out this Friday, February 10th and I can’t wait to check it out!

Set List -

  • Heaven On My Own

  • Redwoods

  • Killer Whale

  • Brothers Arms

  • Kennecott

  • Neptune

Written by Heather Kathryn

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