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"Haunted" EP by Olloway | Review

An iconic duo from Vancouver, Canada, Paul Kane and Brett Fabian are the perfect friendship story. After first meeting in high school in 2006, the pair have stayed together to this day. In 2014, the duo started their first musical project, “FKYA” and became popular among many well-known artists for their remixes for The Chainsmokers, The Naked and Famous, and Krewella. However, they soon realized that this didn’t fit their style, so they switched out “FKYA” and became “Olloway.”

After producing many successful singles, Olloway has released their debut EP, entitled "Haunted." Featuring three previously-released singles and one new track, “Haunted” encapsulates the windy road that a person experiences when navigating a relationship. The band, with their combination of electric, rock, and pop, stays true to their roots withan EP that embodies all of those genres and more. The EP follows a relationship from start to finish, each song being a major turning point between the lovers.

“August,” the first song in the EP, talks about a relationship becoming long distance when one person goes off to college. They make a promise to each other that they can handle the physical absence, but both are having unspoken doubts. The song brings to light the difficulties of long distance relationships and can be very relatable, especially to those around the college age that are having to part from their high school relationships.

“Haunted,” the second song in the EP, is about the couple beginning to lose touch. Neither want to admit it, but the distance between them is tearing them apart. They start to miss each other’s texts, then phone calls, and soon they are barely talking to each other anymore. The relationship is fading and neither of them know how to handle it, questioning if they should save it, and if it is even worth saving.

The third song in the EP, “Moving Out,” talks about the couple finally moving on from each other, as the name of the song suggests. It is an acceptance from both ends that the relationship is over and brings up the idea that, maybe, the relationship would not have survived even if it never became long distance. This track is an anthem to those who are stuck in something that isn’t right for them - whether that be a relationship, a job, or more. The idea of the song is to leave a situation or relationship you aren’t happy with, no matter how painful that may be. It is cathartic, relatable, and touches the hearts of those who listen to it.

The final song in the EP, “Something Missing,” brings up the fact that often, old love never dies. For many people, while they may move on from a past relationship, an old lover will always have a spot in their heart. This song describes the jumble of mixed emotions that arise when the pair of former lovers encounter each other years later and shows how the memories of an old relationship never leave - no matter how much someone wants them to. For this couple, and many couples around the world, the feelings of love and infatuation never completely leave, even if there is no desire to be a couple again. This song encapsulates a range of emotions, digging out old feelings that were presumably gone.

“Haunted” is a fantastic blend of rock, electric, and indie sounds that tells the story of a couple that endures the hardships of distance and communication struggles, both common problems in a relationship. It takes its listeners on a journey, describing thoughts and feelings that often cannot be put into words. Olloway’s initial single, “August,” made it onto Spotify Canada’s Viral Charts and their past three singles have made it onto Spotify’s “New Music Friday.” After listening to their latest work, it is evident that the band can expect great things from here on out.

Written by: Zoe Steiner

Edited by: Hannah Schneider

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