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“Harmless Fun” - Belot | Review

Accurately dubbed the “Awkward Pop Pioneer,” 21-year-old songwriter Belot is back with her new single, “Harmless Fun” serving as her first release with Submarine Cat Records/Neon Gold (US). Discovering her musical style at an early age in London, Belot set out on a mission to “make music that had the attitude of The Strokes with their angst and lyrical directness and to incorporate the sincerity of Andy Shauf with the sonic attack of gritty and funky electronic sounds.”

What’s so impactful about “Harmless Fun” is how soulful it feels despite being an electropop track. It’s discernibly funky, depicted through the “bouncing production and glittering guitar hooks,” peppy pops of electronic sound, and shimmy-inducing groove. It’s soulful in terms of maturity, reminiscent of a classic disco era tune with a pounding beat. Sprinkled with flecks of eccentric ambiance that enforce the lighthearted demeanor of the track, the artist’s intent shines through.

Belot explains, “the song is about giving in to the lighter side of life, and not being afraid to let your hair down. After all that’s what life is about, having fun!" I am notorious for unceasingly searching for a deeper meaning within an artist’s lyrics, but with this track it feels liberating in a sense that there isn’t some all-encompassing philosophy behind it. It’s about allowing yourself to unwind and surrender to some well-deserved, uninhibited delight in this thing called life.

“Harmless Fun” is the kind of track you’ll want to pop on at the beginning of your cleaning spree. Get in the groove by sweeping to the beat of the cowbell strikes and dancing to your heart’s content, let go and allow yourself to have “just a little bit of harmless fun.”

Moving forward, we can expect Belot’s highly-anticipated follow up to her debut EP, “Electric Blue.” On discussing what’s next, Belot says, "I want to create awkward pop music, writing without self-consciousness and trying to tackle lyrical pop norms of vague story lines. I want people to feel like they have a real insight into the feelings and perspective what the song is about.”

Written by Lena Hageman

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