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Hannah’s Top Tracks Out This Week - March 4th

Sometimes there is so much great music that comes out and so little time to tell you about everything. Also if you haven’t gotten a sense of it already, every writer on Unheard Gems has a different voice as a writer and taste in music. Let me reintroduce myself. I am Hannah Schneider, I founded Unheard Gems, and these are my top songs that have come out in the past week a little bit about each.

“Confidence” - Blake Rose:

We all know I am a sucker for Blake Rose but let us take a moment to appreciate his voice in his newest single “Confidence”. I love the way this acoustic track really showcases his incredible songwriting. Rose has such depth to his storytelling and “Confidence” is no exception.

“’ Confidence’ is about lacking the self-esteem and confidence to realize that you can do better than the current romantic situation you’re in. I think a lot of people settle for disloyal partners because they think it’s all they deserve but in reality, everyone deserves a partner who loves them and is faithful.” - Rose

This is always an artist to watch.

“Easy to Love” - asking for a friend:

Asking for a friend is a duo made up of DYSN and Lostboycrow. “Easy to Love” brings me back to the lullabies you are sung before bed when you are growing up. It has this inherently sweet nostalgia yet is elevated to what a modern love song should be. The best way I can describe how this song makes me feel is like you took your heart and drenched it with warm honey and sunshine. Maybe I’m on an acoustic styling kick right now but this duo is bringing something real back to pop music. I think the honesty and love present in this track makes it one of my top tracks.

“Something New” - Toby Rose x Mathew V:

I take back what I said about digging all-acoustic tracks right now. Let me fangirl for a moment. Mathew V is on Toby Rose’s new track “Something New”. Mathew is an Unheard Gem's artist that we know and adore so it really is no shock that his name has appeared on this list. I have honestly loved seeing Mathew expand into the world of dance music more. We already know and love Mathew for catchy pop hooks and powerful ballads. I mean, his voice is so rich it truly speaks for itself. I love the lyrical intricacy of this track, it isn’t resting on being a dance track. “Something New” has a story to it and is a total jam. GET INTO IT!

“Just Like That” - SUMif:

Ok, back to me being from the Bay Area. SUMif is an incredible San Fransisco-based electro-pop artist that I think more people need to keep an eye on. I mean she has been getting people dancing all over SF and I think I need more people to dance along with. I love her attentiveness to lyrics and showing the introspective moments she experiences and yet has this floaty danceable hook. If you were looking for something chilled and a blend of electronic music and pop, look no further.

“GAY 4 ME” - G Flip x Lauren Sanderson:

I mean…I am not sure how much I can say about this one. Australian G Flip teamed up with their best friend and LA-based artist Lauren Sanderson to make the next gay anthem….they succeeded. I saw the team play this song live at FLETCHER the other night and the fact every single person in The Fonda was rocking, grooving, and singing along says something. If you don’t take my word for it look for the videos of Ruby Rose grooving to it! In all honesty…I have been craving a song with some punch to it. I am obsessed with how raw the instrumentation still is, there is grit that just hits perfectly in my head. I have been blasting this song since it came out. I can’t sing their praises enough.

“Oxygen” - Emeli Sandé:

Let’s bring things back in for the last track I have been loving. Emili Sandé is a name everyone needs to familiarize themself. Just listen to how smooth and stunning her voice is. I love the earnest nature of the lyrics. This is clearly a love song but incredibly vulnerable and raw, you want to be there and what your person needs, as essential as oxygen. This song is a total outpouring of emotions and vulnerability and I love it.

Emeli reveals, “When it comes to making songs about love, I don't worry about oversharing too much. Even if there's no lyric in it, I think to make the most beautiful and powerful music, you have to let go and be honest. I wrote 'Oxygen' in LA, the sun was shining, and I'd just met this new producer called F A L L E N, who played me the beat. Already, a mood was created; I loved how sparse-yet-deep it is, how it allows those very raw emotions to come forth. In life, I can be quite reserved; Unless I really trust somebody, I'm not going to be super open and tell them how I feel. But with music, it's the complete opposite. I need to just let it all spill out and see what it is. With anything that I'm doing, whether that be making a song or being in love, I just, it needs to be all or nothing, and that’s what I wanted ‘Oxygen’ to be. My family think I'm a little bit extreme sometimes, but I think that whatever you dedicate yourself to, you have to fully go for it.”


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