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Hannah's June Favorites

There is so much new music that comes out that we don’t always have time to go and do a full review on. I love creating playlists but some might not know that I can spend hours even selecting even 10 songs to be on a one sitting playlist. These are some of my personal favorites this month and my thoughts on the songs. If I were to create an exhaustive list no one would read it but hopefully, these six songs can give you a glimpse into what my summer soundtrack is.


Slow Motion - flor:

‘Slow Motion’ accompanied the release of two other new songs at the end of May for flor. Recently announcing their fall tour with joan and Lostboycrow, this band is one to get familiar with. Indie rock mixed with synth pop just screams summer to me and I could not even begin to tell you why other than the guitar brings joy, the drums make you smile, and the vocals warm your soul. Ok, maybe I am dramatic. ‘Slow Motion’ is the perfect love song for summer though. It is a feel-good pop anthem and it will play in your head the next time you see your S/O or summer crush.


Another Day in Paradise - Quinn XCII:

Ugh, this is what summer feels like people! Totally a different vibe for me personally. ADIP is a bit of a throwback to 2015 but it still feels fresh. I actually drove with my windows down on a 100-degree day listening to this song the other day. While the heat was brutal it finally felt like summer even though I was headed home from work. Claps to Quinn, this one is a song to remember.


Prospects - Dom McAllister:

A 2018 release from the young Pop/R&B singer Dom McAllister is making waves on Unheard Gems. We are planning on an interview with this young up-and-comer soon. This UK talent has a naturally soulful voice that continues to shift the tone for a lot of male singers. He is planning to release his debut EP this year where he addresses the personal subjects of past relationships and sexuality. If you live in the UK head to London’s Waiting Room on the 25th of June to see his first headlining show.


Lady - Blake Rose:

The most recent release from the Australian pop singer Blake Rose. A bit of a switch for the artist. Coming off of three more bassy, intense singles, ‘Lady’ shifts to be a bit more acoustic and vibey. Blake really just has these effortless vocals that I really can’t compare to anyone else. The song is yet another happy love song this summer, I guess we have fewer heartbreaks happening in music right now. This 21-year-old really has something special. Take a listen and tell us what you think!


It Felt Like The World - DYSN:

We finally get new music from DYSN. We haven’t really heard music from DYSN since 2017 in terms of new music but he just released his EP ‘Ways To Fall Apart’ featuring this song ‘It Felt Like The World’. DYSN is always my go-to for moody vibey guitar and consistently smooth vocals. The concluding song and the shortest song on the EP, this song might still be my favorite. It feels like a dialogue and it is just beautifully done.


Haunted - Saint Claire:

Once again Saint Claire opens his heart to us. I started tearing up in the first few moments of this song. ‘Haunted’ is, in my opinion, one of John’s strongest songs yet. Each of his recent releases has continued to demonstrate his care for details and love for his music. Every song hits home. For me, ‘Haunted’ went straight to my heart and just made me sit and take a moment. Not a traditional summertime pop song but it for sure is one of our June favorites. Keep an eye out for our friend Saint Claire, he has so much in store for us.


Written by Hannah Schneider

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