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"Hands on my Body" - Molly Green | Review

I really enjoyed this track. The instrumentals quickly reminded me of an Anderson Pakk song with a little less funk. The less funk is more soul than anything. I can really hear Molly’s emotion in the song. At around 3:40 “Hands on My Body” takes a quick change turning to a more melodic, jumpier track.

In all this song was/is fantastic. I definitely did not expect the type of song this is when seeing the name and artist. You know what…

I was thoroughly impressed. This can be considered as a summer jam. Now that his song has got me thinking…

I also get a Childish Gambino vibe from the song too. So put Anderson Paak and “Redbone” by Childish in a blender and the wonderfully musical drink you’ll get is “Hands on My Body” by Molly. As her bio explains “ Her (Molly) jazzy, soulful undertones combined with a love for R&B makes for an interesting style, unusual to other singer-songwriters her age.” Spot on, but unusual doesn’t seem right. Let's change that to, UNUSUALLY FANTASTIC.

Molly Green is a 2020 graduate of Music at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts so if you didn’t get it by now, she hails from England. Molly has been featured on several live music events and has performed at the Boomtown Festival and Liverpool Sound City.

Play this song for your lover, play it at night, play it while driving home from work. This jam is a fantastic one for this summer and more to come!

Written By Quincy Williamson

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