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"Growing Into Me" - Leah Rye

Leah Rye released her latest single “Growing into Me”. This single marks the first release from Rye in over 2 years and also is the first song to be released from the singer in 2023.

The track starts very dreamy, with a piano that takes the lead and Rye’s vocals. Right from the beginning you can tell this is a very personal and intimate song with lyrics like “In my body is where I want to be, In my body I’m growing into me”. The listener can feel Leah’s vulnerability with every lyric sung. The song starts to pick up after the first chorus and you can feel a sense of urgency as the track continues on. New layers add on to create a much fuller sound than we were given in the intro and you can feel the song grow over the span of 3 minutes, by the ending including drums, synths, bass, dream vocals and tons of reverb and delay. The song was very relatable not only with the lyrics but the genuineness behind the song as well. Rye describes the track as one where she learned to get to know herself better, through womanhood as well as how she has grown as a person.

The Netherlands artist born Leah Rietveld has been making music since she was fifteen. The latest single released from her is one that I think a lot of younger women can relate to and find shared experiences with. Music has always had the capability of connecting people across the globe and Rye has been able to make another connection in America through this song. Her creativity and storytelling through her music is breathtaking and I am intrigued to see what the 27 year old artist releases next.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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