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“Grow Up” - P Grace | Review

The third release from electro-pop artist P Grace, “Grow Up” is a fun track that wraps up adolescence.

This track works through thoughts during P Grace’s last year of college in a way that combines indie rock with beat-driven pop.

“Lyrically it's super abstract but basically revolves around the question of "what the f*ck is going on" during that pivotal time. The world is scary and I'm not sure where to begin. I think that a lot of peeps can relate to that rn, especially the ones graduating and looking around at the state of things.”

P Grace knows that creativity goes hand in hand with life's weirder moments. He wrote for, produced, and played in bands until he tore his ACL in 2019. "I kinda had an artistic quarter-life crisis", he states, as he spent weeks recovering from surgery to find that the music he played was no longer the music he listened to. He suddenly realized that he wanted to replace a drum kit with beats and guitars with synths. So he used the time recovering to write, and form his sound - a blend of electronic dark pop with some R&B influence, all coming from an indie weirdo at heart.

"What I want my music to be is somewhere between The Kills, Drake, and Sylvan Esso." Regardless of what that combo evolves as, P Grace has promised to releasing songs at an alarming rate in 2020. "Right now, I'm basically nonstop creating. It feels good."

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