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'Gravity' - Sophia Gripari |Review

"Gravity" is the second single released by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Sophia Gripari. "Lush and emotional, “Gravity” is an EDM ballad. Gripari described this track as, "the constant battle between two people in a relationship, continuously trying to shift blame. It has a steady, chilled beat throughout leading to an explosive climax."

Originally from London, Gripari made headlines across the pond for performing at the prestigious venue "Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club". Her early music incorporated Soul, R&B, Rock, and Pop. It was not until she moved to Boston, MA that she began making EDM music.

Her music appeals to me because it is authentic. Her arrival to EDM was natural. She didn't find the music, it saw her. All it took was a move to another continent to spark a gorgeous song. Considering how new she is to EDM, I am looking forward to her career progression. Will she continue in this direction or continuously shift. If she does, it won't be for lack of talent. The young singer has many strengths, her most significant being the Midas touch.

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Written by Gregory Gagliardi

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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