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“Grace’s Gospel” - Grace Kay |Review

Released June 30, 2023, Grace Kay’s new song “Grace’s Gospel” perfectly culminates in a synth heavy electric pop anthem, showcasing the powerful narrative of womanhood and empowerment.

Dedicated to her niece, the song opens with a recording of a call and response of “I love you,” creating a nostalgic and youthful innocence that precedes an R&B/pop infusion. The layered elements will make listeners hit repeat over and over again, catching new elements upon each playback. Pulsing with a creative composition of vibrant instrumentals, Kay’s echoing alto vocals are highlights of the track. Similar to artists like MUNA, The Japanese House, and Caroline Polachek, the storytelling elements are weaved through the stunning production.

The repeated theme of “if (where) you go, we will stay, we will wait for you” speaks to the idea of a strong support system through stages of growth. WIth Kay’s aim of uplifting other women, “Grace’s Gospel” is a mantra of solidarity and how essential a soft place to land is as life bounds forward with rapid speed. As the titular track of the album, this song is a powerful love letter to the people in her corner.

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