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'Goodbye to Honeymoon' - Cloudy June | Review

A sad girl bop, "Goodby to Honeymoon" is the new electro pop single from Cloudy June.

We have shared music from this ex-metal single before. I feel like this track in particular you get some more of those sharp undertones in the lyrics and the baseline that you would expect of a metal track but beautifully translated into a pop framework. The honeymoon phase of a relationship always has to end and Cloudy June creates this track to capture the feeling of fading love in a relationship and the end of the butterflies you get in your stomach. I think she taps into the fear and vulnerability needed to acknowledge the end of this stage of a relationship and creates a track that is catchy, relatable, and easy to listen to.

After reaching over 100.000 video plays on TikTok with her single 'Pretty Pills for Broken Hearts' the 22-year-old Ex-Metal singer and independent artist Cloudy June is opening a new chapter for her music with 'Goodbye to Honeymoon’.

For 3 years she was the lead-singer of a death metal band before deciding to focus on her solo career. Now Cloudy is reaching fans all across the world with her new music.

In April this year Cloudy June released her single ‘High Waist to Hell’, which made it to the Top 30 of the HypeMachine Charts. Spotify, too has already taken notice of the half-cuban artist and secured ‘High Waist to Hell’ a place in the coveted Editorial Playlist: Fresh Finds: Pop.

"After a listen it is clear that Cloudy June is a force to be reckoned with" writes BuzzMusic in April about the young independent artist.

Definitely one of the female "artists to watch 2021"

Review by Hannah Schneider

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