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"Good Graces" - Spencer William | Review

One of life’s biggest challenges is being vulnerable and honest. Pop producer-turned-singer/songwriter Spencer William belts what so many people cannot even whisper in his new song “Good Graces,” where he reminds himself that his self-doubt is also an act of self-sabotage.

“Good Graces” is the closing track to William’s debut EP, “Little Wars”. As the closing track, it serves to tie together loose ends and in this case, be a little more vulnerable than the rest of the record. All synths and beats are stripped away, leaving a piano and William’s lofty tenor vocals to tell the story without distraction. The EP as a whole covers themes of self-doubt and trust issues while leaning into pop trends and club beats, inferring that he is hiding his feelings from the world and himself. It then comes full circle with “Good Graces,” where he has to confront these thoughts and feelings head-on, being honest and vulnerable with himself for the first time. It wraps up the EP in a way that feels natural and complete. It’s a satisfying ending, telling a full story of self acceptance— and that includes coming to terms with your fears and demons.

William has a voice that’s reminiscent of pop icon Sam Smith— it sits in a comfortable tenor register, offering a healthy falsetto and a deep lower range, yielding a powerful performance that soars over delicate keys. It’s full of emotion that speaks for itself; someone who couldn’t speak English could understand the feelings evoked in his voice.

This song is best listened to in the quiet hours of the night, with the only source of light being the flicker of a candle. Those early morning hours were made for reflection, and “Good Graces” provides a message so many need to hear.

Spencer William started writing and producing in 2014 and attended Berklee College of Music. After graduating, he moved to New York where he worked with artists like Jessie Chambers and Lyon Hart, but this is a new change in pace where he is writing and producing for himself. His goal as an artist is to tell his truth, as his truth can help others tell theirs. His debut EP, “Little Wars,” is out now.

Written by Jess Ward

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