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“Going Under” - One Fine Line | Review

A simple yet engaging electro-pop track, One Fine Line releases their first single, “Going Under”.

The duo has something that pulls a listener in. Be it their vocals or haunting production, there is something special here. “Going Under” is a love song, it is heartbreak. I think anyone who has gone through the pain of a messy breakup would understand this track, you have to keep your head up and try to face the rumors and the drama surrounding the relationship. And just like any heartbreak, it’s bittersweet. Love doesn’t just go away as the duo says.

The track is completely created by One Fine Line. Written, produced, mixed, and mastered, this Norwegian duo can do it all. This track is a prime example of their skill and identity in their dark bass-heavy and synth-driven style of pop.

Since they met at LIPA in Liverpool, they’ve spent time as instrumentalists and producers in various genres before they discovered the similarities in their musical taste. As avid producers, they also do everything from their own studio. This piece of music is the first to fall from the tree they planted almost a year ago, and many more will come.

One Fine Line met in Liverpool three years ago. The duo then moved back to Olso. One year ago this duo began to make music together and now we all get to hear the creations of One Fine Line. Simple as that.

Written by Hannah Schneider

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