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“God Save the Queen” - Cali Rodi

Get ready to be transported back to the early 2000’s with “God Save the Queen” by Cali Rodi. This pop punk song reminds me of timeless hits from Paramore that I still sing at the top of my lungs.

Cali Rodi combines a catchy guitar beat, strong bass, and impressive production skills in this new song. Her Hayley Williams-esque tone is further highlighted by layering and her sweet vocalizations that tie verses together. The message of the song is what really moves me. “God Save the Queen” is typically a phrase of patriotism and respect for the Queen of England. However, Cali Rodi gives it a new meaning of female empowerment and camaraderie as she sings about how all women are all queens fighting struggles. Deep lyrics include “God save the girl holding keys between her fingers walking back to her apartment all alone” and “Please watch over me and all my fellow queens.”

Cali Rodi is a young pop singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. She lists her inspirations as the iconic pop sounds of the early 2000s, the grit of the Warped Tour punk scene, and dance-ready 808’s. Rodi attended college in Nashville where she was discovered by Keith Urban and signed to his publishing venture, Boom Music. Now, she aims to redefine the west coast pop scene in a way that is both fresh and nostalgic. Her music often tackles topics like misogyny, fear, and heartbreak by transforming her own struggles into empowering anthems full of hope.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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