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“Go Have Fun At Your Party” - GRAACE | Review

GRAACE is just the sad girl we have been waiting for and she is blessing our ears with her first release of 2019. Gifting us with her empowering yet lonely vibes, GRAACE will drop "Go Have Fun At Your Party" next week.

“Go Have Fun At Your Party” is a vibey lonely girl anthem. Forlorn and beautiful the sentimental verse leads into a more upbeat pop chorus. GRAACE has such a beautiful youthful interpretation and execution of pop music but combines it with maturity and style. Her vocals make this track soar. The entire listen is just a moody night drive song. Personally I will be listening to this song all summer.

We're in love with this Aussie artist and her fearless vocals, unabashed storytelling, and deeply personal and relatable tracks. "Go Have Fun At Your Party" is all that and more.

GRAACE takes your traditional party pop song structure and twists it into the ultimate sad girl anthem with lyrics like "go have fun at your party, I'll be sitting here sipping on thoughts of your body." The song is reflective, honest, and a real testament to the push and pull within a tumultuous relationship. One day you're asking to be saved and the next you're pushing them away

The 21-year-old Aussie followed the release of Hayden Jame's platinum selling single "Numb", a track she co-wrote and performed on, with her strikingly honest and raw SELF SABOTAGE EP.

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Review by Hannah Schneider

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