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"Girl Of My Dreams" - DYLVN x LALAKI | Review

Two Southern California musicians DYLVN and LALAKI collaborate on new single "Girl Of My Dreams".

The line that sold me on this track: "You can be my best friend, lover, and homie, you can be my late night lover that holds me". YES! That is the kind of relationship I want. I love the dancehall influence clearly coming through and taking this track from the average pop track to something new and fun! It just feels like bubbles and summer crushes.

"Had many doubts about a girl I was together with and met this particular girl one night. She stood out to me in many more ways than the one I was with. I couldn't get over the fact that I should be together with a girl like her rather than the one I was with at that moment... so me and my best friend wrote a song about it." - DYLVN

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