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"Ghosted Road" - Jake Thistle |Review

Something about the winter and the promise of time with family at holidays really sweetens me to some classic singer-songwriter Americana music. "Ghosted Road" by Jake Thistle (while really new) reminds me of dancing around the kitchen with my family rocking out and chatting. It just brings people together in my book.

"Ghosted Road began less out of story and more from trying to paint a scene. It was legitimately written under a blinking traffic light outside a house I was staying at, so the song came from wanting to convey how lonely that atmosphere seemed at that time of night. The song is a continuation of my love of writing about roads, traveling, and the overall mystery of going to new places."

I love that this song is an expression of love for traveling and the mystery of new places. I relate to the same wandering spirit. While I like the comfort of my home base, it is refreshing to keep chasing the mystery of new places and adventure. I think with this in mind, this song as a homecoming song for me makes even more sense. There is always something comforting about coming home even with any element of uncertainty.

His crooning vocals and anthemic guitar and drums really shape this track into something special. You absolutely hear the influence of Bob Dylan in this song. It feels magically nostalgic and timeless. I would venture to say Jake Thistle will be the next name to resonate with generations of Americana fans.

Based in New Jersey, singer/songwriter Jake Thistle has been entertaining audiences for years.

Jake, now 18, has been hired to perform in Europe and across the US, and for crowds of thousands at major music events. Along the way, Jake has personally raised over $100,000 for a variety of charitable organizations through an extensive range of fundraising performances, and has contributed music to events that raised millions. Jake has been named an official artist for WhyHunger's Artists Against Hunger and Poverty, alongside legends like Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Brandi Carlisle and Carlos Santana. Jake was also honored with a special service award from the American Cancer Society for his significant contributions to the cause through his music.

Jake has been featured on CBS News, Variety, Billboard, American Songwriter Magazine, BBC Radio, and a wide range of other news outlets; he has played with legends like Ron Blair and Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers), Jim Keltner (Traveling Wilburys, Bob Dylan), Earl Slick (David Bowie/John Lennon), Jesse Malin, Carmen Vandeberg (Jeff Beck), John Hiatt, Severo (The Smithereens), Alex and Roy Orbison Jr, Chris Stills, Jeff Slate (Rolling Stone), Lou Pallo (Les Paul), Eddie Brigati (Rascals), Johnny Farina (Santo and Johnny), and many, many other great musicians. He's been on bills with the likes of Jackson Browne, Stevie Nicks, Foo Fighters, Eddie Vedder, Roger McGuinn, Steve Earle, Tom Morello, The Lumineers, Wilco, among other Hall Of Famers. Along the way, Jake has picked the musical brains of rock royalty, such as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Steve Winwood and many other influential artists.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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