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"Ghost" - Kylie Rothfield | Review

Singer-songwriter and star of NBC’s Songland Season 2, Kylie Rothfield, releases the new and enhanced version of her original song "Lonely," now titled "Ghost." The sentimental piece is brought to life with Rothfield’s powerful and soulful voice, a force that cannot be skipped on any playlist.

Each lyric in “Ghost” is beautifully assembled with the narrative and music. “Ghost” tells the story of every lost soul drowning in a big city. The tale of one losing love, roaming the streets of a city full of dreams like a ghost longing to know if the one that got away is searching their way back to her soul. “I never know if I'm gonna drown In the emptiness of crowded towns like this. But I can't blame Los Angeles ... And don't you blame it on New York … Did you ever really want me, or were you only feeling lonely. In a city full of ghosts, you're still the only one that haunts me.” I will tell you to brace yourself before listening to this release if this is your story; it will break you down and put you back together in just under four minutes.

The post-relationship status is heartbreaking. Rothfield’s raw emotional delivery of that helpless feeling amplifies to listeners with every note she sings. Rothfield’s musical craft is undeniable. Bringing on elements of soul, blues and pop, the singer-songwriter delivers melodies that resonate with Adele and Alicia Keys; so you know how “Ghost” will make you feel. It will quickly become your post-breakup, helplessly crying in the car song.

Rothfield’s 2020 performance of “Ghost” on Songland Season 2 brought judges to awe at the beautiful heartbreaking piece. “(Your tone is) delicious. It feels so much more introspective and heartbreaking. It’s really beautiful and haunting, as it should be for a song that’s called “Ghost.” I think it’s so gorgeous and you are really really special. I hope you know that,” said Tony Award-winning Ben Platt. Pitch Perfect star Ester Dean thanked Rothfield for healing her with her performance; “Ghost” is just that powerful.

Cowritten by Ester Dean, Ryan Tedder and Shane McAnally, and mixed by Grammy-winning Zack Djurich, “Ghost” was produced by all the best. “As there are so few female producers represented in our industry I feel really honored to have produced, written and performed this one,” Rothfield said. The California artist was featured in all the greats,, SheShreds, Bustle, Billboard and Rolling Stone. “Ghost” and its creator is summertime sadness, emotional pour out and healing all in one.

Review by YooJin Son

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