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"Ghost In Your Dreams" - NYIKO | Review

As temperatures drop and leaves turn to shades of amber and red, indie singer/songwriter NYIKO has been busy exploring the almost paranormal mysteries that lie in the graveyards of past relationships. Today he releases his findings in his new single, “Ghost in Your Dreams, amidst the spooky season.

Akin to acts like Bleachers and Bad Suns, “Ghost in Your Dreams” sounds like a romanticized version of music from the past by combining the best elements of 80s pop rock and even the ever-evolving guitars of surf rock. The combination of punchy keys, gated drum, and spacey guitar riffs create a nostalgic atmosphere, digging up memories and feelings that are similar to watching fun Halloween cult favorites like Stranger Things and Ghostbusters. It’s danceable and high-energy, perfect for any Halloween party.

Though the musical arrangement is not the only cinematic element of the song- its lyrics are bursting with haunting imagery, like “it takes the life out of me/our love is a vampire it seems.” The use of classic spooky favorites is rampant in the lyrics, but it remains a relevant and honest look at past relationships regardless of the time of year. In fact, it demonizes the memories and the way we think back on our relationships rather than saying the ex is the monster. Instead, our minds are the monsters in the way we allow memories to creep back in whenever they please. Once the memories fade away, it becomes a ghost.

“In some ways, the memories of our lovers become the ghosts in our lives,” NYIKO writes. “A scent, a sound, or an energy that recalls that special person or time.”

As a multi-talented producer, singer, songwriter, label owner, and visual artist, NYIKO is a jack of all trades in the music industry. He’s performed with notable indie staples such as Beach Fossils, Alvvays, and Vacationer, and has made music for household names in media like Disney and Sony/ATV. Creating music discussing themes of self-love and mental health, NYIKO has gained critical acclaim from MTV News, AV Club, and Grimy Goods for his exploratory and innovative musical nature.

Written by Jess Ward

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