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“Getting Older” - Emma Oliver | Review

‘Getting Older’ is the stunning new single from Emma Oliver.

Since we shared her debut single ‘Sad Sometimes’ in July, Oliver has blossomed as an artist who has infinite potential. Building her following on TikTok, Oliver has garnered quite an internet audience, myself included, who have been on the edge of their seats for this single after hearing “Let me put my head on your shoulder”. I swear I heard that and felt like I had the wind knocked out of me. There is something so powerful yet vulnerable in the way she delivers that line that just makes it feel like that last-ditch effort to get someone to stay even though they have already made up their mind about leaving.

Getting Older is the third single off her upcoming debut EP set to release in 2021. This track is stripped back and stunning. Her storytelling is effortless and simple and gives any listener something that they can resonate with. The universality of this track is what makes it so special.

In a year that has been so hard - Emma's words about her mental health is something that we can all relate too. It is important to know that even when you feel alone - you are not. We have comfort and strength in the fact that we struggle together, and live openly and honestly about our struggles. You get lost in the dark but in the open, in the light, you realize you can push through. We deal with mental health together - we aren't alone and Emma wants each of us to know that.

Maybe i'm out of my mind but i think i've been like this forever

Maybe i don't understand, i'm just not as put together

Cause in my mind, i'm not safe and I'm only getting older

So let me put my head on your shoulder

Emma Oliver has built a substantial internet following, showcasing a fun-loving openness that is infectious, Boasting 450,000 TikTok followers, her online presence shares one side of creative personality, and on the flip side, she fearlessly confronts the sadness that comes with love, rejection, and what people choose to hideaway. Emma's released 3 songs since July and has had over 2 million streams across platforms and been featured on many official playlists by Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and more. She was recently just selected as one of the artists on Spotify's Fresh Finds: Best of Pop 2020 playlist as well.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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