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Get Sweaty on the Dancefloor with Crazy Double’s “Pipa”

Crazy Double sure know how to bring the sun out on a rainy day. Their new single “Pipastarts with a buildup that has snare hits on every beat, with increasingly heavy percussions leading up to a massive climax , making you want to get down and dirty on the dance floor. The group consists of Olisa, who was born in Nigeria, and Vitaly, who was born in the Republic of Belarus, together they contribute a unique flare and unparalleled energy. They leave you knowing that “Pipa” will be the anthem to your summer parties. When asked what inspired them to start making music, the duo explains: “The feeling of rhythm, the feeling of the energy, in any track that’s what drives us, and now we want to try to give the world something of our own.” Keep and eye on the duo as both artists are on the brink of total summer domination.

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