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Get ready to see Jackii Kenney light up the NextFest LA stage

For 13 days in the Month of May 2022, NextFest LA will launch its inaugural year on multiple stages within the LA County Fair experience, which is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. This will be one of the largest indie culture events on the West Coast, if not the nation, with over 200 artists, DJs, boutique parties, and more scheduled to perform.

On May 15 seven specially selected artists will grace the Label Squadz & Unheard Gems stage. Ranging from indie to pop and RnB to alternative grit, these artists are here to do what they do best, perform. The artists performing: Sam Stacy, Cate Tomlinson, Jackii Kennedy, Christina Castle, AprilFoolChild, Stereo Jane, and Caroline Sky.

We are excited to feature Jackii Kennedy, an artist who makes funky, psychedelic pop/r&b music and want to make the definition of queer music as fluid as your sexuality at 2am after a little too much tequila (would that be considered morning? idk). She feels the most alive when performing and we can't wait to see what she does best.

Unheard Gems: We are so excited to be co-curating a stage at NextFest LA with Label Squadz and are so thrilled to have you be a part of the experience! Are you excited for the festival?

Jackii Kennedy: I’m so excited to play in the festival. Its been a while since I’ve done a show like this and it sounds like its gonna be a dope night.

Unheard Gems: Tell us a bit about you and your music for listeners who might just be finding you through the festival now!

Jackii Kennedy: My music is very lyric forward but still pop at the same time. I love a good metaphor and funky/indie sounding instrumentals. Most of my songs are love longs but there’s a few sad and sassy ones in there too.

Unheard Gems: When it comes to playing live, do you have a favorite pre or post-show ritual you want to share with us?

Jackii Kennedy: Not really. I kind of just go into every show with whatever energy I’m feeling that day. I think just being there with my band and friends hyping each other up is enough of a ritual to feel comfortable and confident.

Unheard Gems: We are so excited to hear your set, is there a song you are most excited to perform and why?

Jackii Kennedy: I’m most excited to play a song called I Hate Florida. I’ve never played it live before and its also unreleased as of right now but I really want to see how the crowd reacts to it and get a feel for how it sounds live.

Unheard Gems: In terms of instructions for the audience that day, what would be the craziest, most fun, silly, thing you want to see in the crowd?

Jackii Kennedy: I wanna see at least one person start breakdancing.

Unheard Gems: What inspired you to start making music? Who were your role models and inspirations?

Jackii Kennedy: I don’t really have an inspiration for the start of me making music. I always just did it and was drawn to it. My inspiration for becoming an artist with my own projects definitely comes from wanting to hear more music from queer people that fits right in with Top 100 pop. Growing up, I didn’t really hear artists like me on the radio or at school dances and stuff like that so I wanted to be a part in that change.

Unheard Gems:In true Unheard Gems fashion we have to close by asking who your favorite emerging artist is but let's narrow it down to artist playing NextFest LA (Label Squadz x Unheard Gems Day)

Jackii Kennedy: Probably Sophia Bromberg. Her voice is butter.

Buy tickets to NextFest LA here: Day Pass & Month Pass

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