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“Get over Yourself” - L E A | Review

A song from miss moving on, “Get over Yourself” is a fun pop bop by L E A.

Totally unfiltered and fun, this song hits you with the hard fact that you’re not the only one going through it. A quarantine anthem, L E A reminds fans listeners, in the nicest way possible, to quit focusing on how you are reacting to a situation and stop expressing how it is affecting you. Vocally L E A has such a fun tone that comes off as conversational and sassy and I love the personality that shines through. The track is infectious and totally, perfectly pop, just what we need right now. From L E A about “Get over Yourself”: "A quarantine anthem with the repetitive words "Get over yourself" cause who else doesn't want this sh!t to end! For real though, ever get uninvited to a party? It isn't necessary." Get over Yourself is a common phrase and an encouraging anthem to anyone who needs to hear it. While the initial, surface meaning of the song had to do with getting uninvited to a party, there's a handful of toxic people I've moved on from in my life recently. I've always been afraid be b!tchy and always wanted to be liked by everyone, but sometimes things happen, you butt heads with people, and you run out of bandwidth or sh!t's to give, which is why I decided to be bold and stand up for myself with my song "Get over Yourself" "Extroverted Noise. Bringing the beach to your ears, L E A works alongside instrumentalists and producers to create the atmosphere of crashing waves and city nightlife. Branded by bright, vibrant colors, a blazer with matching shades, and the sound of a choir somewhere in the hook, you'll be sure to recognize her catchy melodies anywhere."

Review by Hannah Schneider

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