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"Generation Low" - Dance Yourself Clean | Review

Glistening with the fervor of hot summer nights, the latest single from Los Angeles based, indie-electronic group Dance Yourself Clean is the ultimate house mix for your nightlife adventures.

Generation Low is the band’s first single off their upcoming EP, Summertime Madness. With humble origins as a small-scale indie dance party in Seattle, Dance Yourself Clean has quickly transformed into the first touring dance party in North America.

After establishing themselves in Los Angeles, the group created their record label ‘Lights & Music Collective,’ producing similar artists, and converting their traveling party into its own musical enterprise. In describing their presence in the industry, Dance Yourself Clean’s aim is simple– “We make music & we throw parties.”

As the track opens, the pulsating beat is intoxicatingly rhythmic, complementing the sultry sound of the accompanying vocals. Immediately there is an undoubtedly electrifying presence in the production– a true hallmark of any quintessential house track. As the rollicking beat continues, the song takes on an effortlessly upbeat vibe that’ll have you racing for the dance floor. The thrilling, but sensual sound of the combined instrumentals and vocals makes Generation Low the ideal dance party soundtrack – not too overpowering, but a perfect balance of rhythm and ease.

Dance Yourself Clean’s latest track signifies the band’s exhilarating presence– an enlivening party wherever, whenever, with whomever. What is inherently unique about the group is that they don’t just see themselves as a band, but as a movement; one that intends to make music, and have an insanely good time with their audience doing so.

In bringing the party wherever they go, the audience becomes as much a part of Dance Yourself Clean as the band’s members. Their immense exuberance fuels the high energy atmosphere that makes the group's events feel wildly euphoric. The band further explained the relevance of their dazzling performances stating, “Our parties have brought fans together from all walks of life and has created a strong community of music lovers.”

For the restless, ‘city never sleeps’ individuals, Dance Yourself Clean invites you to their party– are you in?

By Cassidy Copenheaver

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