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"Gabriella" - Vilnes | Review

The temptation is given a funky, sexy persona in Vilnes’ new single, “Gabriella.”

Full of personality, wit, and excitement, this song is a character all its own. It’s impossible to pigeonhole a song like this, or even boil it down to a few notable influences - sonically polyphonic and unique, this song keeps you on your toes. It entices you to keep listening, just as the desired Gabriella entices Vilnes to keep singing. It’s ingenious coupling of temptatious, sexy lyricism and unpredictable, infectious arrangement results in an intoxicating and even hypnotic tune.

A smokey horn section leads the way through the intro and is a recurring motif throughout its three minute and fifteen-second run. Vilnes’s vocals, a major highlight of the single, are warm and sentimental - he has a beautiful natural tone akin to the likes of KALEO, but conveys so much emotion. It adds yet another strong storytelling element to such a complicated, layered song. You feel as he dances between thoughts and feelings of guilt and innocence. The track’s outro is unexpected and unreservedly fitting; sounding like a groovy descent into madness.

2019 was Vilnes’s year as he released his self-titled debut EP, only to be met with prestigious accolades such as Radio Wigwam’s Best Male Artist and having his first single “Demons” hailed as “indie-pop genius” in the Nordic Music Review. His music made national airwaves in his home country of Norway, lasting twelve weeks on NRK P1’s playlist.

Written by Jess Ward

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