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"FUWY" - Jenny March | Review

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

FUWY by Jenny March kicks off with some excellent electronic production, already making me excited to listen to the rest of the song. It has the perfect vibe for an EDM summer playlist. March’s bright vocals fit right in with the upbeat production, singing out riding the high of being interested in someone. It may not be the most complicated song musically, but FUWY is very catchy and makes for an entertaining listening experience.

This single specifically makes me think of driving with some friends with the windows down while playing some euphoria-inducing music. With all the rain in California, it makes me long for hot, sunny days filled with endless opportunity.

Jenny March is originally from Ohio, but now makes her music in Los Angeles. She’s a multi talented individual, labeling herself as a singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress. Her music has been featured on Nylon, AXS, Popdust, and many other sites.

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Review by Tatum Jenkins

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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