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“Funny How Things Change” - Benedict Cork | Review

It seems like we were just talking about Benedict Cork on Unheard Gems. This up-and-comer is really taking off and becoming even more of a stand-out artist.

In Benedict Cork’s new single, Funny How Things Change, he reflects on the strange way the nostalgic feel of memories and the harshness of reality intermingle in the present. The song opens up with a beautiful harmony that automatically invokes a carefree,

childlike vibe contrasted with his crooning vocals mourning a long lost love. As a senior in high school, Cork’s lyrics really capture the sorrow around watching as your entire life begins to shift as you begin to transition to a new stage in life. Though quite a simple song musically, it has so much to offer in terms of its content, especially the emotion Cork invests into each word. This single was inspired by a three year relationship that eventually broke down and led him to move to Stockholm from London.

This song will completely tug on your heartstrings. If you have ever had a break up or really had any relationship, including friendships, come to an end you will understand the meaning behind this song. The power and crispness of the vocals aside, you will be in awe just by the beautiful lyricism presented by Cork.

Cork moved to London when he was just 18 and signed with a label in a band a year later. In 2017, he split from his band and manager and began to work on his own work. He moved to Stockholm in order to take advantage of the many songwriting opportunities; there, he worked with Adam Lambert, MNEK, and producers and songwriters for Beyonce, Tove Lo, Madonna, and more. He also supported MØ and AlunaGeorge on their UK tour.

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Review by Tatum Jenkins and Hannah Schneider

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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