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“Forever” - Lily Juniper | Review

Lily Juniper's "Forever" is a haunting indietronica masterclass.

With a haunting, ebbing synth atmosphere, Lily Juniper's "Forever" is a prime example of the transcendent emotional power of indietronica. The London-based artist marries playful, textural electronic elements with raw, emotive vocals and storytelling in a masterful display of the genre's capabilities.

From the minimalist intro of glitchy beats and Juniper's hushed tones, "Forever" slowly builds in intensity, each new lyrical line and production flourish revealing novel layers and dimensions to unpack. Her plaintive delivery achingly conveys the internal struggle at the heart of the track - the painful process of giving up, letting go, and appearing outwardly fine when you're anything but.

As the song reaches its cathartic climax, swirling synths envelop Juniper's impassioned vocals like a warm embrace, beautifully reflecting the turbulent mix of resignation and lingering hope. It's a transcendent moment that sticks with you long after the final notes fade.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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