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“For My Sake” - Deer Fellow | Review

This little duet has stolen my heart and run away with it. Someone come look at the stars and ponder the universe with me as this plays in the background!

Deer Fellow has an incredible ability to make you fall in love with their voices and stories. “For My Sake” is no expectation with its stunning melody and instrumental.

Set to guitar, violin, piano, bass, and tambourine, "For My Sake" is a romantic duet with playful back-and-forth vocals, intricate harmonies, and intriguing chord progressions. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by grammy-winning Erik Wofford. Self-produced by Matt Salois of Deer Fellow.

Bragging rights aside this song just makes my heart sing. It taps into something so beautifully innocent and kind. This is a song for everyone is nervous to make the first move, that infectious and immediate infatuation with someone. It feels giddy and light. This song is what the feeling of falling for someone is like, those early butterflies that just make the world spin super fast. This is a great song to start off the new year.

Deer Fellow is an indie folk / chamber pop duo with a “keen sense of songcraft.” Based out of Austin, bandmates Matt Salois (guitar, vocals) and Alyssa Kelly (violin, vocals, piano) met at an open mic and were quick to collaborate. Fast forward to the present day and coupledom, the two have built a cross-genre sound that “pulls you in right away, stirring romance and broken hearts.”

The duo's vocal harmonies and unique guitar-violin blends have landed them features on KUTX Radio, CBS Austin, and EASTside Magazine. Often compared to the likes of Andrew Bird and The Staves, Deer Fellow’s debut EP Words Unsaid presents a collection of captivating songwriting and soundscapes that “shine with authenticity.” From live showcases with Austin greats to virtual festivals alongside such artists as Grammy winner John Paul White, their style and substance have garnered attention within the indie music industry.

Fans describe their live performance as an experience that “gives that warm tingly feeling, like taking a bath with a glass of champagne.” The group currently plays all around Austin and plans to go on tour in the near future.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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