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"Follow My Echo" - Dylan Dunlap | Review

“Follow My Echo,” the new highly-anticipated single from Dylan Dunlap, is a mid tempo pop song that flows as fluidly and naturally as running water. The beat flowing beneath it feels like waves pulsing through the sea, and carrying a relaxed, mellow current.

Dunlap, a huge movie fan and frequent theater flyer, felt distraught at the beginning of the pandemic when he couldn’t go to the movies. His solution? To write about a movie he knows and loves instead.

“I didn’t want to write about COVID,” Dunlap writes, “so I decided to write about Finding Nemo.”

The message of the song aligns perfectly with the sentiments of the film— learning that you can let go of someone without giving up on them. If they want to return, they can simply follow your echo to find you. The motion of the arrangement mimics a peaceful sea with minimal waves and disturbances, leaving you with the mental image of the sun’s light reflecting off the surface— a picturesque scene fit for the silver screen.

Though its lyrics involve losing someone, the song is anything but sad. Rather, it’s encouraging to hear the idea that someone can be supported from a distance if they have to leave. It makes lightens the blow of a loss, and put things in a rather idealistic perspective— one that someone may need in the midst of a tough time.

Dylan Dunlap has made a splash in the indie pop music scene when he left Berklee College of Music to move to California and begin his career. The risk paid off, as his career has already been fruitful, but is merely just beginning. He supported OneRepublic at the Stadium of Fire Event in Provo, Utah, toured across the US and the UK, and earned over 20 million streams on Spotify.

Written by Jess Ward

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