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"Fly Too High" - Reed Gaines | Review

When the party’s over and everyone goes home, there’s this inexplicable whirlwind of emotions ranging from sadness to pure euphoria. “Fly Too High” by Reed Gaines is a splash of paint in all the grey area in between, as its indie pop melody is infectious and danceable, while being accompanied by a melancholy bedroom pop edge.

The atmosphere created by the muted guitar and uptempo beat feels like driving through a big city after the bars close— empty streets, bright lights, and the feeling of pure freedom. It’s the kind of song you blast on the ride home with your friends, singing or maybe even yelling along to round out the excitement of the evening. For a moment, time stops existing, and it’s just you, the music, and the open, skyscraper-lined streets ahead of you. Its sleek, clean production is akin to the likes of The 1975’s biggest hits, and even embodies a similar happy-sad feeling the band has popularized: however, Gaines’s sound is much more mellow and pure. A noteworthy aspect of the song is the reverb on the vocals and the harmonies that go along with it, transforming it from indie pop to a dreamy, hazy soundscape. Altogether, it’s the perfect soundtrack to the after party, encompassing every complicated feeling of every complicated person in the crowd.

Reed Gaines is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville. After working with artists like Carter Vail, Sabel, and Kid Star, Gaines decided to embark on his own musical endeavors and launch his solo project. Often described as “warm, nostalgic, and melancholy,” Gaines’s mission is to be upfront and honest in his music, while making you groove along the way.

Written by Jess Ward

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