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flor, The Wldlfe, and Good Problem | Concert Review and Photos

Indie Rock perfection is what you are greeted with every time you see Flor take the stage.

Closing out their headline Future Shine Tour at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood, flor brought along The Wldlfe and Good Problem to celebrate incredible music and undeniable artistry and friendship. This was a show that just felt good. Everyone succeeded and absolutely crushed their sets. I am so honored to say this was my fifth time seeing flor in the last 3 years and it is a true testament to their skill that their sparkle continues to shine brighter with every show.

Good Problem is the cutest duo I’ve seen in a bit, instant serotonin. Somewhat like Shawn Mendes these guys have a nostalgic quality to their lyrics without needing to have heard their songs before. “Loved You Since I Was Young” had everyone swaying and singing along. Eli Ostheimer and Elton Holmsten make up the Swedish-American duo and have something infectiously positive about their sound.

The Wldlfe is a band I had wanted to see for a bit now so when I heard they were opening for flor it was a dream come true. This band's fans know how to show up at a show. It was so incredible to see faces light up as these guys took the stage. Their energy is just infectious and I smiled so much my cheeks hurt by the end of their set. My two favorite moments have to have been 1. The band's end-of-tour shot and 2. When vocalist Jansen Hogan sang Hannah Montana’s “Best Of Both Worlds”.

I set out with a goal to finally capture a good photo of Zach’s beautiful curls (I might be a bit jealous and need a hair routine from him) please let me know if you think we have done them justice.

I hate saying a favorite band or artist but if I had to pick a favorite band I think flor would have to come out on top. I don’t know if it’s the immediate rush of joy that fills my chest with the first chord of every song or watching Zach frolic across the stage guitar in hand with the biggest smile. This band knows how to put on a show and there is such a sense of unity and beyond just a friendly bond so clear in their dynamic. These guys come off as a family, a true unit. I think that makes their music even more powerful when they play it live. The Future Shine album and tour are just dynamic bodies of work and it is a gift to be present to watch them perform yet again in Los Angeles.

Review and Photography by Hannah Schneider

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