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"Flashing Lights" - Daecolm | Artist Take

"Flashing Lights" was started in a writing session with UK producer ‘EY’ who has produced with the greats such as Chris Brown, Meek Mill, Ella Mai, Drake, G-Eazy, Jeremiah, Goldlink, Stormzy, Krept & Konan etc.

We was vibing on this beat he had and we starting adding melody to it. We had an idea I think originally for Ty Dolls $ign or something and then it just turned into its own thing and own vive, EY fucked with the idea and I think a few months later when I re-visited the song I called EY straight away and was like Yoooo, this is a fuckin vibe for sure.

The first session I ever had with EY back in 2016 he said ‘ I want at least 3 on your project’ this song is 1 of 3 songs he’s done on my project. Big up EY, thats my guy.

The accompanying video was filmed in 3 key locations around LA city sights.

"The video is really a unapologetic direction to the song. Its not too artsy but not too plain. It tells the story of the lyrics which is going MIA. Me and the girl just being in our best mode and wanting to film our process of going MIA, we venture around the city looking for cool spots to chill and be in the moment. SLUSA TV are the directors that made this vision come to life."

The full project is executively produced by Daecolm and ADP, of which has also established himself in and out of the UK as one of the pioneering producers in the game, recently doing the latest single from Saint Jhn Ft. Feel Mill, and having cuts across the board with people like Chris Brown, Duh Lipa, MIA, Krept and Konan, Yungen, Headie One, M Huncho, Kranium.


What does FIGUR£$ mean to me as a first body of work I’ve ever released? FIGUR£$ is a homograph word with 3 key meanings. The figures of women, figures of money and figuring things out. This being the premise of where most human beings are at leaves no room for unfamiliarity. 3 universal meanings that are very parallel and present in almost anybody at any point inn their life. The sound of the project being heavily tuned to the RnB ear still leans on a lot of rap cadences and urban hip hop culture. This being said it goes completely against the grain of current UK sound which to me personally is not a problem. I love what I love and its always been RnB infatuation. Having the project executive produced by one of the top tier producers residing from UK that also has been against conforming to just UK sound is none other than ADP. Alongside other UK producer EY whom both have incredible success in the UK and US, its definitely a project to anticipate for the sheer fact its going to be one a whole new wave.

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