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"Fishing for Promises” - Ian Lake |Review

Ian Lake’s newest single and second release of 2022, “Fishing for Promises,” is a beautifully sad ballad that leaves its mark on the listener.

“The song is about unrequited love, and feeling misunderstood,” Lake says. “It’s an imagined conversation that will never take place. What would I say if I actually got the chance to explain myself to the person who’s been occupying my mind? The song is equal parts clinging to hope, and calmly accepting whatever comes.”

“Fishing for Promises” begins with a soulful, sad piano. Immediately, the listener knows “Fishing for Promises” won’t be an upbeat, happy song. The slow start as the listener is consumed by the piano sets the stage and eases them into expecting a melancholy song.

Then, Lake’s vocals join the piano. His voice conveys so much emotion and sorrow. I could feel the sadness as Lake sang about feeling misunderstood and wishing for a connection to fix the problem. His vocals were captivating and so rich with emotion.

In what felt like the climax of the song, a cello joins the ballad as well as quiet drum cymbals. The quietness of the cymbals added a layer to the soundtrack without being overbearing. The cello, for its part, is another perfect accompanying instrument as it matches the sadness emanating from the piano as well as Lake’s vocals and lyrics.

At this moment, the soundtrack grew louder, drowning out Lake’s vocals. It felt like you were getting lost in all the noise and sadness in your head, becoming so consumed. It was a stark contrast to the rest of the song, but it fitted perfectly.

Finally, the song ends with just Lake singing accompanied by the piano, like how most of the song went. The switch back to quiet simplicity further emphasized Lake’s vocals and lyrics. They were at the forefront once again as the listener fully appreciated them. That effect is one of the reasons I loved and felt it was necessary to include the louder climax with the cello, where the soundtrack stands out over Lake’s singing.

“Fishing for Promises” was an amazingly beautiful and heart-wrenching ballad. I loved every minute of it.

Ian Lake is a singer-songwriter and actor from Canada. He released his first single in 2015. His singles “The Bottom” (2021) and “Easier” (2022) received amazing praise. Lake’s debut album, “What It Is,” comes out later this year that’s inspired by a year in isolation due to COVID. Lake’s music is born from his personal experiences, though he always leaves space for his listeners to relate and connect to his songs. His songwriting is inspired by Bon Iver, Feist, Michael Kiwanuka, and Arcade Fire.

Keep an eye out for Lake’s debut album released later this year!!

Written by Anne Friedman

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