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“Filtered” Deer Fellow | Review

Your new sure-to-be trending, eerie, chamber pop song of the spring is here by an indie folk duo called Deer Fellow. Deer Fellow has released their latest single “Filtered,” as of March 24, 2023. “Filtered,” is a song “lament on the toxicity of social media,” which is clear throughout the lyrics.

Deer Fellow is composed of musicians Alyssa Kelly (violin, vocals, and piano) and Matt Salois (guitar and vocals). The duo hails from Austin, Texas where they met at an open mic and were “quick to collaborate.”

From the opening lines of the song we can hear Kelly begging the listener: “Honey at what price?” after saying they have been watching their lives through a filter. I love this line because it’s such a simple question but it really asks a lot of the listener. It’s asking how much has the listener been missing out on by living behind this filter of social media.

“You’ll still be you with all your little problems…” is another line that stands out from “Filtered,” just because of how it reminds the listener that it is okay to have problems. It also tells the listener that it’s okay to be yourself and be authentic because you don’t need a “filter,” as most people think.

Overall I think “Filtered,” provides a good message that everyone needs to take the time to listen to. I think more people need to take Deer Fellow’s message to heart and stop living behind a screen or a filter. If people were to listen to this message I think that there would be a lot more positivity in the world and that things would be seen in a more truthful light.

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