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"Feels So Good" - Stileto | Review

This is quintessential LA pop right right. "Feels So Good" just feels like a sunshine soaked day driving with wind in your hair.

Honestly this is the kind of song that I could see going along to a party/feel good sequence in a movie. Stileto makes music that just feels colorful and explosive. There is something so fun about the electric guitar and synths, it feels, well, quite electric. The musicality is so incredible even beyond these EDMesc drops, the vocals are honestly equally iconic and smooth making this a track to add to your warm weather playlists.

The LA duo Stileto continue their consistent build of catalogue and repertoire with their latest single ‘Feels So Good‘; this time, channeling their most poppy and catchy melodies to date. Featuring another great match with Luke Baker on vocals, the single makes great use of an infectious and intertwining acoustic guitar riff before the classic electronic build-up and drop that Stileto have shown to master so well.

At just over 2 minutes long, ‘Feels So Good’ is an easily digestible and memorable track, nevertheless a more intent listen brings out what’s actually a masterful piece of production with small details and scattered sounds that makes the track feel fresh on every single listen. One could say, making every listen feels so good.

They explain: “Our objective is to release only the highest quality music and content that we truly believe in”

Inspired by a range of artists from Skrillex, to Panic! At The Disco and Tombaland, it’s clear to see that Stileto’s fresh sound could go everywhere and anywhere in 2021. In only 1 year and with only 3 singles to their name, they have already amassed over 2.5M streams on Spotify, over 5M views on Youtube, as well as recognised by Spotify Editorial’s Rocktronic playlist. Keep up with their journey to conquer your ears and listen to ‘Feel So Good’’ on Cloudkid now.

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